Learn to identify gaps in care delivery and propose new clinical questions.
Our point of view is that the progression from discovery science to practice is missing a people-centered component that ties research to the realities of patients’ lived experiences. As a result, we focus on the translation of proven interventions to practice.


Hire us to run a design-led project to gain insight into how your organization delivers care and how it aligns with patients’ experiences. 
A range of collaborative advisory services are available to organizations seeking to better understand stakeholders' experiences, identify areas for potential innovation, improve quality of existing practices, or looking for new perspective on persistent challenges.  


Introduce your team to design methods for healthcare delivery in a one-day workshop or an extended program.
Professional education programs in design methods for healthcare delivery enable organizations to build competency and confidence to take on care innovation initiatives. 


Join practitioners from other organizations to learn new approaches, gain exposure to new ideas, and build your network.
We bring all parties to the table to learn about the latest new approaches to care delivery. We assess how they align with the knowledge and experience of healthcare professionals and others interacting with the healthcare system. 



Projects bring focus to the entire network of stakeholders involved in the delivery of patient care.

Our work is an interdisciplinary collaboration with partners at UIC, in the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, and across the United States. 


Pediatric asthma discharge in the ER
The CHICAGO Plan | PCORI AS-1307-05420

A multi-site trial of three interventions for children presenting to the ER with uncontrolled asthma. Produced an award-winning discharge tool and suite of stakeholder-balanced in-home education materials.

Principal Investigator:
Jerry Krishnan, University of Illinois at Chicago



Sickle Cell pain management in the ER
ISAAC | NIH 1U01HL134042-01

Design a “pain passport” to help people with sickle cell communicate effectively with ER staff, so patients in crisis can get the intensive pain medication they need rather than labeled as drug-seekers.

Principal Investigators: 
Victor Gordeuk, University of Illinois at Chicago
Lewis Hsu, University of Illinois at Chicago
Abraham Wandersman, University of South Carolina
Nadew Sebro, Sinai Health System, Internal Medicine


Integrating a user-centered tool to facilitate cost-of-care conversations in an OB/GYN clinic on the South Side of Chicago
COST | Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

This study seeks to develop a tool to facilitate cost-of-care understanding for both the clinician and patient in an underinsured, high-risk OB/GYN clinic population on Chicago's South Side. 

Principal Investigators: 
Veronica Fitzpatrick, Sinai Urban Health Institute
Kim Erwin, University of Illinois at Chicago
Melissa Gilliam, University of Chicago


Comparing roflumilast and azithromycin head-to-head for real-world COPD clinical populations
RELIANCE | PCORI #PCS-1504-30430,
PCORnet #P06-2016-001

Design a suite of recruit + retention tools to create the seamless study experience for patients, their families and clinical staff during a nation-wide 24-site trial.

Principal Investigators: 
Jerry Krishnan, University of Illinois at Chicago
David Mannino, COPD Foundation/ University of Kentucky
Bob Wise, Johns Hopkins University

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Increasing provider-to-provider communication in healthcare systems
HEADS UP | UI Health

Facilitates warm handoffs between a patient’s referring doctor and the emergency room doctor so that patients receive the care they need when they need it.

John Williams, University of Illinois at Chicago


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A toolkit for caregivers of people living with COPD
Caregiver Toolkit | Respiratory Health Association

Addressing the needs of families affected by COPD, RHA developed a first-of-its-kind “toolkit” of resource materials for caregivers of people living with COPD. RHA is now pilot testing the toolkit with caregivers, COPD patients, and researchers. The toolkit will be available on the RHA website soon.

Kim Erwin, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Our team is interdisciplinary, composed of experts in design, education and care delivery science.


Jerry_Krishnan copy.png

Jerry Krishnan, MD, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor for Population Health Sciences
Jerry Krishnan is a practicing clinician and an expert in care delivery science.  He provides oversight for developing and implementing care models that improve quality, outcomes, and affordability.                 



Ann Kauth
Senior Design Researcher, Population Health Sciences Program
As seasoned human-centered design researcher, Ann Kauth helps institutions leverage deep understanding and empathy for the people they serve to create thoughtful, effective solutions to challenges.


Cindy Leman
Director of Administrative Operations, Population Health Sciences Program


Kim Erwin, MDes
Associate Director, Population Health Sciences Program
Kim Erwin is a professor of design, communication strategist and expert in human-centered design.  She applies design methods to the challenges of delivery science, helping bridge evidence-based medical interventions to human behavior in order to accelerate adoption by patients and clinical staff. 


Sarah Norell, MDes, MFA
Senior Design Strategist, Population Health Sciences Program
Sarah Norell specializes in strategic design for healthcare. She uses design methods to produce interventions and to evaluate their impact so as to meet the rigorous standards of healthcare, while also leveraging the contextual and exploratory nature of design. 

Hugh Musick, MBA
Associate Director, Population Health Sciences Program
Hugh Musick focuses on business development and strategic partnerships. He has worked with universities, hospitals, not-for-profits, and some of the world’s leading corporations. 



Jenny Sculley, MDes
Senior Design Strategist, Population Health Sciences Program  
Jenny Sculley works to design seamless research and healthcare experiences. She uses storytelling to immerse decision-makers in the realities of patients, caregivers and frontline staff to make healthcare experiences more stakeholder balanced.




Sanjib Basu, PhD
Professor of Biostatistics, Director of the Center for Biostatistical Development
Sanjib Basu's methodological research interests in statistics include Bayesian modeling and analysis with applications in meta-analysis, cancer rate and  survival data as well as actuarial and reliability applications. 


Andrew Boyd, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences
Associate Chief Health Information Officer for Innovation and Research
Dr. Andrew Boyd is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences. He is also the Associate Chief Health Information Officer for Innovation and Research for the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Science System. Dr. Boyd’s research focuses on “data simplification to improve clinical outcomes” engaging administrators, researchers and patients.

Nina_Bracken_Headshot copy.png

Nina Bracken, MSN, APN
Research Manager, Population Health Sciences Program
Nina Bracken is an Advanced Practice Nurse and has been responsible for study protocol preparation, start-up, and oversight.  She provides clinical consult for to study coordinators, physical examinations and clinical oversight for our participants.  She is dedicated to providing education to patients that empowers them to better manage their condition.


Lauren Castro, MSN, APN
Research Manager, Population Health Sciences Program
Lauren Castro leverages her background in clinical research to engage research teams in productive teamwork resulting in high quality data collection and analysis.  She provides operational, regulatory and clinical oversight to the program’s research projects and seeks to incorporate design thinking into our clinical research space.   


Tomoko Ichikawa, MS
Information Design | Clinical Professor, IIT Institute of Design
Tomoko has 20 years experience in communication simplification and information design, focusing on creating visuals that clearly reflect the content structure to effectively communicate. Areas of exploration include diagrams and, more recently, the emerging field of computer-generated data visualizations.


Ruth Schmidt, MDes
Behavioral Design | Assistant Professor, IIT Institute of Design
Ruth Schmidt is a professor of Behavioral Design, Communication Theory, and Semiotics. A senior leader at Doblin | Deloitte for over eight years, she integrated key principles from behavioral economics with a user experience perspective to develop an actionable, disciplined approach to de-risking innovation.


Dennis Watson, PhD
Dissemination + Implementation Science | Associate Professor of Medicine, UIC
Dennis is an associate director of community engagement at UIC’s Center for Dissemination and Implementation Science (CDIS). CDIS’s aims to improve health around the world by speeding the delivery of proven interventions and programs to the people who will most benefit from them.


Robert Zolna, MDes
Clinical Associate Professor, Design Research, UIC School of Design
Robert Zolna is a human-centered researcher, educator, and designer. A self-professed people-nerd, he is fascinated with people and how they interact with objects, services, space, and each other.



The institute disseminates findings from its research in a range of publications in the healthcare sector.

The central importance of clear and effective communication informs how articles are written and information presented. Articles present use cases, describe methodology, and report on impact.


Redesigning healthcare to fit with people

Engaging stakeholders to design a comparative effectiveness trial in children with uncontrolled asthma

Using design methods to provide the care that people want and need



Hear about the work we do.

Designing Healthcare Solutions for the Real World

Kim Erwin and Jerry Krishnan, co-directors for the Institute for Healthcare Delivery Design at the University of Illinois Chicago, talk with Seth Starner from Steelcase to share how healthcare design is returning healthcare to its roots—helping patients, families and clinicians do the right thing.





Center of Innovation for Veteran-Centered & Value-Driven Care workshop
June 26-27, 2019
Tailoring interventions to fit people using human centered design


National Patient Advocate Foundation’s Fall Policy Consortium
November 29, 2018
Panelist—Cost of care conversations


Global Issues Forum
April 30th–May 1st, 2018
Using Design Methods to Bridge the Gap between Evidence and Care


Service Design Network—Chicago Chapter event
May 14th, 2019

How might human-centered design improve healthcare research and healthcare delivery? 


NHLBI Seminar
November 2, 2018
Improving Trial Design using Human-Centered Design


IDSA Midwest District Design Conference
April 6–7th, 2018
When talk isn’t cheap: Designing cost conversations for high-risk pregnant women and their doctors on Chicago’s South Side


Launching the Institute for Healthcare Delivery Design
April 23, 2019
The Rise of Design in Healthcare Delivery

2017 Title Treatment 650x550.png

2018 AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting
June 24-25, 2018
Panelist—Who will benefit from healthcare in the future?


Human Capital Investment Conference
November 1315th, 2017
Science Over Fiction


American Association for Respiratory Care: 6th Thomas L Petty Memorial Lecture
December, 2018
Everyone Needs Oxygen


Cleveland Clinic’s 2018 Patient Experience Summit
June 18-19, 2018
Cost of Care Conversations: Design as Problem Framing

Chicago Ideas Week Lab
October 17th, 2017
Designing Culture(s) of Health with UIC's Kim Erwin, and George Aye of Greater Good Studio, presented by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation